“Three’s Company” (1977)

Three's Company: Season OneThree’s Company was a bit of a ground breaking comedy for the 1970’s. With a great cast that fit well together (at least on screen), it ran the razor’s edge for the TV censors. With John Ritter playing a straight guy acting as a gay roommate to two young women in California, it brushed with dangers untold. There was nothing to worry about. The references to Ritter’s character being gay were overplayed, and since the character wasn’t really gay there was no real cause for concern at the time.

What the show did do was make us laugh at a time when there wasn’t much to laugh about. With a horrible economy in the US at the time, it was nice to have a place to go during prime time to just laugh at the silliness of the show. Not to mention the catchy little theme that gets stuck in your head... “Come and knock on our door....”

"That 70's Show" (1998)

That '70s Show - Season OneThat 70's Show premiered on FOX on August 23, 1998. Like a special birthday gift just for me! I share it with the world, this little gem that took me right back to junior high. Hey, I was younger than this group at that time.

I know Led Zepplin rules, as does Pink Floyd. I know all of the characters from That 70's Show from my past, and  I know what goes on in the basement. This was a favorite sitcom of mine from the start. It was a blast joining the gang in Eric Foreman's basement once a week!

Cast of That 70's Show
Eric Foreman            Topher Grace
Red Forman             Kirkwood Smith
Kitty Forman            Debra Jo Rupp
Donna Pinciotti         Laura Prepon
Michael Kelso           Ashton Kutcher
Steven Hyde            Danny Masterson
Jackie Burkhart         Mila Kunis
Fez                         Willmer Valderama
Bob Pinciotti            Don Stark

Website: http://www.that70sshow.com/

"Friends" (1994)

Friends: The Complete Second SeasonThe world had no idea the impact that these six 20 and 30 somethings would have. The group of Friends was a hit from the start and soon became a Thursday night ritual on NBC. Though we miss our friends, the writers did an excellent job of ending the epic sitcom leaving no loose ends.

The cast of relative unknowns (besides Lisa Kudrow) have now all gone on to movies and other TV series.

Cast of "Friends"
Ross Geller                    David Schwimmer
Monica Geller (Bing)        Courtney Cox
Rachel Green                  Jennifer Anniston
Phoebe & Ursala Buffet    Lisa Kudrow
Chandler Bing                 Mathew Perry
Joey Tribiani                   Matt LeBlanc

"Cheers!" (1982)

Cheers: The Complete First SeasonThe first sitcom I really fell in love with as an adult was Cheers. As soon as the opening notes of the theme song played, I was seated and ready to laugh. I later worked at a bar that was specifically designed to look like Cheers. Square bar and all. The entire bar would sit down and watch the show too.

As evidenced by their later work (and past), the cast was made up of some great actors.

Cast of Cheers: