"Friends" (1994)

Friends: The Complete Second SeasonThe world had no idea the impact that these six 20 and 30 somethings would have. The group of Friends was a hit from the start and soon became a Thursday night ritual on NBC. Though we miss our friends, the writers did an excellent job of ending the epic sitcom leaving no loose ends.

The cast of relative unknowns (besides Lisa Kudrow) have now all gone on to movies and other TV series.

Cast of "Friends"
Ross Geller                    David Schwimmer
Monica Geller (Bing)        Courtney Cox
Rachel Green                  Jennifer Anniston
Phoebe & Ursala Buffet    Lisa Kudrow
Chandler Bing                 Mathew Perry
Joey Tribiani                   Matt LeBlanc

One of the funniest scenes in Friends history was Ross repeating one word over and over.... "PIVOT!!!"

Here is an out take of the filming of the scene:

Another scene from Friends when Ross gets excited!

This sitcom is so well cast that it's nearly impossible for me to pick a favorite character. I think I would have to lean toward Phoebe/Ursala played by Lisa Kudrow... you just never knew what would come out of her.

As with any good sitcom though, no one character could carry Friends. It would not have been the same without them all. So who was your favorite friend? Leave us a comment!

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