"That 70's Show" (1998)

That '70s Show - Season OneThat 70's Show premiered on FOX on August 23, 1998. Like a special birthday gift just for me! I share it with the world, this little gem that took me right back to junior high. Hey, I was younger than this group at that time.

I know Led Zepplin rules, as does Pink Floyd. I know all of the characters from That 70's Show from my past, and  I know what goes on in the basement. This was a favorite sitcom of mine from the start. It was a blast joining the gang in Eric Foreman's basement once a week!

Cast of That 70's Show
Eric Foreman            Topher Grace
Red Forman             Kirkwood Smith
Kitty Forman            Debra Jo Rupp
Donna Pinciotti         Laura Prepon
Michael Kelso           Ashton Kutcher
Steven Hyde            Danny Masterson
Jackie Burkhart         Mila Kunis
Fez                         Willmer Valderama
Bob Pinciotti            Don Stark

Website: http://www.that70sshow.com/

Here's a couple of great scenes for you

Not since "Happy Days" has a young cast been so much fun. Now that's a comparison of how far network sitcoms have come. I think Eric Foreman and the gang are the evolution of Richie Cunningham and his crowd.

My favorite character from "That 70's Show" will always be Eric Foreman, but the entire cast was a perfect fit. Who is your favorite character?

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