“Three’s Company” (1977)

Three's Company: Season OneThree’s Company was a bit of a ground breaking comedy for the 1970’s. With a great cast that fit well together (at least on screen), it ran the razor’s edge for the TV censors. With John Ritter playing a straight guy acting as a gay roommate to two young women in California, it brushed with dangers untold. There was nothing to worry about. The references to Ritter’s character being gay were overplayed, and since the character wasn’t really gay there was no real cause for concern at the time.

What the show did do was make us laugh at a time when there wasn’t much to laugh about. With a horrible economy in the US at the time, it was nice to have a place to go during prime time to just laugh at the silliness of the show. Not to mention the catchy little theme that gets stuck in your head... “Come and knock on our door....”

Three’s Company cast:

Jack Tripper                    John Ritter
Janet Wood                    Joyce Dewitt
Larry Dallas                    Richard Kline
Chrissy Snow                 Suzanne Somers
Stanley Roper                 Norman Fell
Helen Roper                  Audra Lindley                 
Priscilla Barnes              Terri Alden
Ralph Furley                   Don Knotts
Cindy Snow                   Jennilee Harrison

Sadly, Suzanne Somers left the show in a contract dispute after 89 episodes leaving a lackluster cast full of changing characters. The comedy of John Ritter and Don Knotts carried the show for another three years until its end in 1984.

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